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Business Model Clinic

One-on-one support

Many of the solutions developed within the eHealth sector fail to have a meaningful impact, as startups fail to clearly identify their business model. To mitigate that, entrepreneurs have to identify a clear value proposition, the client segment and the channels. In such a context, it would be extremely useful for them to apply the lean startup approach.

What we offer

The Business Modeling Clinic aims to deliver maximum impact in the market by supporting the best promising entrepreneurs and startups during the three sessions of one-on-one coaching with eHealth  and business experts.

The most promising and  committed teams will be offered to join the eHealth Hub Lean Startup Academy service.

An opportunity not to be missed

Early-stage startups and SMEs within the eHealth sector joining the Business Modeling Clinic would acquire a set of relevant benefits, as they would gain invaluable advice on the company’s business model from one-on-one interaction with expert coaches in business model and eHealth, customized to fit the specific needs of each participant.

  • First call: 60 min deep dive focused on value proposition, customer segment and approach to the market.
  • Second call: 45 min follow-up to understand how Business Model has evolved and identify what are new hypothesis to validate.
  • Third follow-up call to identify what the company should do in the medium and long term (eg. incorporation of commercial talent)

Companies will be encouraged to check in with the market in between sessions.

Is Business Modeling Clinic for you?

The Business Model Clinic service targets early-stage startups and SMEs within the eHealth sector, who need a little help with an important question: how am I going to make money? Teams eligible to participate need to be headquartered in Europe, with an existing solution to build their business model around.

Companies should be able to fill in an Investor Deck and clearly present their team, business proposition and current internal and external partners of the project.

Only the most promising proposals and committed teams will be chosen.

Activities / Events

The Business Model Clinic service will be provided to 60 selected companies and will take place until June 2019.

[Deadline extension! Apply until 30th August 2019]