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DOMPÉ Pharma, a biopharmaceutical company with a strong focus on innovation, is partnering with eHealth Hub and its Solution Match service to accelerate the development of diagnostic and therapeutic solutions in the field of ophthalmology.




Research in Ophthalmology combines effort in finding new molecules together with a wider approach on new technologies for diagnosis and monitoring of treatment.

After the recent approval of a biotechnological solution for a rare disease in Ophthalmology, Dompé has decided to foster the research in this area through a program of Open Innovation.

Dompé is looking for advanced digital/technological solutions to innovate diagnosis and clinical pathways in ophthalmology.

With this call for applications, Dompé aims to overcome the limitations of healthcare systems to improve the early detection of ophthalmic diseases and patients’ own monitoring and management of their conditions.


Selected initiatives will receive up to 20 000 EUROS to boost their development


Eligibility criteria

Dompé wants to promote any solution using emerging technologies (such as digital platforms, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain or IoT sensors etc.) to accelerate the development of innovation for diagnosis, therapy and disease management in ophthalmology.

The solutions should have relevant application in the research area.

This call is aimed at projects that are in the phase of discovery or early stage development (e.g for digital tools, technologies with a technology readiness level or TRL < 6).


Operational Calendar

Call for application deadline: October, 31st 2018

Application review: End of November 2018

Announcement of finalists: End of December 2018


Contact details

If you have any questions about the Solution Match, please email [email protected]