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Free legal workshop on data protection for eHealth SMEs

How to secure an e-health App relating to personal data? What are the rules to be complied?”

Are you an eHealth startup founder or simply interested in how to stay on top of data protection?


This talk introduces participants to the new online data and privacy landscape and explores how European data protection laws impact the collection and processing of data; thereby affecting you. You’ll get a detailed understanding of how to adhere to data protection standards whilst maintaining your start-up’s commercial goals.


Topics covered will include: an overview of the European data protection and online privacy standards, compliance requirements, fines; current and most common data protection mistakes and unfit privacy practices; and what you should be doing to protect your current or potential business.


You don’t need any prior knowledge for this talk.

This workshop is free of charge and its funded under the European Commission H2020 project, eHealth Hub



This workshop will cover:

1. Basic overview of the new data protection regulation

2. Preliminary question: does the solution collect personal data ?

       - What is a personal data ?

       - What is a personal health data ?

       - Are the well-being data health data ?

       - What is a data controller ?

3. The main principles to be integrated by design and by default in the e-health App



Maud Lambert is lawyer at the Paris Bar. She practices in the field of Information Technologies & Intellectual Property and has a legal expertise in assisting e-Health projects. Recently, Maud Lambert provided legal assistance to companies for the implementation of telemedecine apps, to healthcare facility for the development of IT supports and to healthcare data hosts for the contractual relationship with clients.


Charlotte Lavery is a postgraduate student at Queen Mary University of London. Whilst pursuing her Masters in Intellectual Property Law, Charlotte has been volunteering with the qLegal Advice Clinic at the Centre for Commercial Legal Studies, at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London. During her last advice session, Charlotte lead on the implications of data protection regulations on a patent application for a new children’s product and Mobile App being placed on the European Market. She has presented at Google Campus and London’s mi-Hub for migrant entrepreneurs.


Max Rozendaal is a LLM student at University of Amsterdam and is a volunteer student adviser for CLINIC, a service providing legal advice to start-ups and entrepreneurs. 


Our target


  • Early-stage startups and SMEs within the eHealth sector with headquarters in Europe,
  • Investors in the field of digital health
  • Other legal experts in the field of digital health



5 July 2017 at 4.15pm- 5:15pm including a Q&A



The eHealth Summer University

Ecole d’Ingénieur Informatique et Systèmes d’Information pour la Santé
Centre Universitaire
Rue Firmin Oulès
81100 Castres


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