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Medical Device Project BV


Country headquarter:
Market presence:
EU, US and Canada.
General description:

Medical Device Project B.V. is an independent Consultancy Company active in the areas of medical devices, biotechnology and life science. We have expertise in project management for the design and development of medical devices, set up, writing and maintenance of Technical Dossiers and Design History Files, product and process risk management, scientific writing, validation of processes, quality management system (ISO 13485) implementation, auditing, training & coaching, and coordination of pre-clinical biological safety evaluation.

Areas of regulatory/reimbursement support:

Medical Device regulatory approval in the EU and US, Quality Management Systems, Auditing, Medical device Design Dossiers, Training.

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The eHealth Hub project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No727683.