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Investment Readiness Training & Pitch

Make eHealth SMEs ready to make their business


Being investment ready can make or break a business. Many of the solutions developed within the eHealth sector are based on a large amount of research and R&D activities. In order for these solutions to be successfully brought to market, external funding is most often needed to finance the development of the product, build the clinical evidence and support its early commercialization. It is therefore crucial for health entrepreneurs and SMEs to identify and approach the right investors. Lack of adequate training often result in a dangerous knowledge gap about equity as an alternative source of finance and, consequently, would seriously compromise innovative SMEs ability to be successful. 

What we offer

eHealth Hub Investment Readiness is a training program designed to prepare European early-stage startups and SMEs within the eHealth sector to approach and collaborate with investors. During the training, entrepreneurs will focus on six key elements of investment readiness: Traction; Team; Market; Model; Product; Advantage. The training will consist on online support, which will be provided during four weeks and one face-to-face event, linked to the planned project’s Pitch Events, where entrepreneurs will be able to finally present their solution in front of the most active investors in digital health.

An opportunity not to be missed

eHealth entrepreneurs and startups in Europe, through the Investment Readiness Academy, would get prepared for reaching out, collaborating and negotiating with investors. The service represents a unique vertically-focused program promoting investment readiness across Europe, through which eHalth SMEs an startup would:

  • sharpen their pitching skills;
  • increase awareness of available financing options;
  • get familiar with eHealth investors’ specific criteria;
  • work on the weak “investability” of many of the companies approaching investors;
  • receive one –to-one coaching alongside with common training;
  • match their business with specialized investors at one of the eHealth Hub Pitch Competition events.

Is Investment Readiness for you?

The Investment Readiness service targets European early-stage startups and SMEs within the eHealth sector which are looking to connect with investors now or in the near future. The participating teams need to demonstrate the ability to present a relevant solution to build the Investment Readiness training around. Only the most promising proposals will be chosen to participate in the service. The applications will be evaluated based on the following aspects: Solution clearly indicating a business opportunity; Already showing traction; Willingness to participate in a live event to meet other SMEs, mentors and investors.

Activities / Events

Five iterations of the Investment Readiness Academy will be delivered over the next three years. In order to make this training more impactful for startups, each training session will be linked to one of the eHealth Hub Pitch Competition events, the first taking place at Health 2.0 Europe 2017 (May 3-5 in Barcelona).

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The eHealth Hub project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No727683.