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Innovative AI solutions needed! Last Call now open to pitch at the X eHealth HUB Roadshow in Castres

Do you have an Artificial Intelligence solution for the Health sector? Pitch your innovative idea to a panel of experts at the eHealth Roadshow and gain valuable feedback on your product!

The X eHealth Roadshow will take place in the frame of the eHealth Summer University in Castres and is a free service aiming at building capacities and promoting an entrepreneurial spirit in European eHealth SMEs. The session will feature a high-level panel of CIOs and executives to discuss the current situation, relevance or benefits of AI solutions on the digital health market.

Innovative SMEs with a market-ready solution will be selected to present their solution in a 5-minute presentation and will profit from the valuable feedback given by the expert committee in a Q&A session. Therefore, the eHealth Roadshow offers a targeted and small scale on-site “mentoring” by high calibre stakeholders which will raise awareness to the solution boosting further commercialisation.

Interested companies need to apply online and read the Guide for Successful Pitching. Each application will be carefully reviewed and the most promising companies will be invited to pitch at the X eHealth Roadshow in Castres. Your solution should be past idea-stage, done pilots, have a working prototype to showcase and the company preferably has some traction or sales. The selection criteria include: product maturity, revenues and internationalisation readiness.

This event is contributing to the big “AI and Health morning” at eHealth Summer University and is an excellent opportunity for SMEs to showcase their innovative ideas and for experts to gain special insights in the latest AI solution for healthcare providers or hospitals.

Important: In order to pitch at the eHealth Roadshow, selected SMEs must register and pay the registration fee in the eHealth Summer University: 

Why take part

  • Potential customers will give you direct valuable feedback to your business case.
  • You will engage with potential collaboration partners and cross-border contacts.
  • Your solution will increase its visibility at European level and beyond.
  • You will profit from expert support free of charge.

Confirmed committee members

  • Professor Peter Chang - Co-President from the Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostic Medicine at the University of California - School of Medicine
  • Professor Li - Director from the California Institute for Information Technologies and Telecommunication

Operational Calendar

  • Call for application deadline: 28 June 2019
  • Announcement of selected SMEs: 28 June 2019
  • eHealth Roadshow: 03 July 2019| 09:00 - 10:30
  • How was the last eHealth Roadshow? Gain insight here!
  • Location: Ecole d’ingénieurs ISIS, rue Firmin Oulès, 81100 CASTRES

The event is organised as part of the EU initiative eHealth Hub, one of whose aims is to support commercialisation within the eHealth sector.

Contact details if any question

If you have any questions about the eHealth Roadshow, please email to Melanie Ungemach - [email protected]