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by Jorge Gonzalez, Ticbiomed director and eHealth HUB Coordinator



The eHealth Hub project started three years ago with the objective to support SME´s and startups in the Digital Health space. In particular, the team has helped more than 400 European companies and entrepreneurs with their business model, access to private funding, commercialization and advising on legal and regulatory aspects.

During this time, we have approached up to 650 companies providing them with the opportunity to become more competitive and grow in this challenging space. We have done so through our 45 eHelth HUB events and training organized throughout Europe, 2 networks setup across Europe, counting with 46 nodes in legal aspects and 71 nodes in regulatory and, last but not least, through our eHealth HUB Platform with more than 900 digital health stakeholders involved.

eHealth Hub is now officially about to finish as a funded project, but that does not mean that the partners will stop delivering value.

The eHealth HUB Platform, in fact, besides, the mapping of the ehealth ecosystem, is working as a kind of “yellow pages” to easily find investors, companies, experts or supporting organizations will continue to be freely available. It contains now almost 1000 references and it is constantly growing. Organizations interested in acquiring EU-wide visibility and get contacted for business purposes can self-register at platform.ehealth-hub.eu/

Finally, the eHealth Hub web site will continue to offer free resources, mainly of interest to European Digital Health startups, SMEs and healthcare organizations. These resources -called ´eHealth HUB Smart Guides´- can be found on www.ehealth-hub.eu/resources and include:

  • The results of our scouting of digital health solutions performed on behalf of healthcare organizations, pharma and insurers in 8 topics, including remote monitoring of patients, artificial intelligence/analytics and nutrition.
  • Recommendations on how to effectively seek private investment, pitch in front of potential customers or design your business model.
  • Answers to frequent legal and regulatory challenges of European eHealth SMEs

We plan to keep our corporate channels alive, specially our twitter (@EU_eHealth_Hub) and Linkedin accounts to give visibility to relevant information to our eHealth HUB community.

We would like to thank all those that have accompanied us during these years. It has been a privilege to interact with such motivated and smart individuals shaping and advancing the eHealth sector in Europe. We hope to continue the relationship in new, upcoming opportunities and learn about your progress when we meet again.



Feel free to contact us any time to check if we can still support you!

september, 2023

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