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The Kick-off Meeting of the eHealth Hub project took place on the 20th and 21st of October 2016, in Murcia (Spain), to launch the activities of this EU-funded initiative devoted to digital Health SMEs.


The Kickoff Meeting of the eHealth Hub project took place on the 20th and 21st of October 2016, in Murcia (Spain). The meeting effectively launched the activities of a newly EUfunded initiative that is cross border, highly specialized on the digital health vertical mainly devoted to SMEs but also to relevant actors of the eHealth environment (investors, demand side stakeholders, commercial distributors, legal and regulatory firms and experts).

Specifically, the eHealth Hub project which will run until 2019, aims at providing business oriented services tailored to the needs of European eHealth SMEs and relevant stakeholders, and to secure their continuation after the project end via a sustainable support structure, while stimulating the demand for eHealth solutions. Services provided through the project will include a variety of activities helping to attract investment to SMEs, supporting their business model, accelerating commercialization and also providing legal and regulatory guidance to be implemented in a multilayer complex framework.

During the 3years’ project, eHealth Hub team that includes European innovation specialists, legal and regulatory experts and ehealth support organizations will involve over 700 SMEs in its activities, developing several partnerships with major European and international ehealth networks, healthcare organizations, investors and other stakeholders. Another ambition of the eHealth Hub project is also to contribute, through its support to SMEs to increase the number of eHealth solutions available in the market for patients and citizens, optimizing at the same time efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare provision, personalized medicine and consumer health across Europe.


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