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Lean Startup Academy and Solution Match: here the two new Calls for eHealth solutions currently open at eHealth HUB.  If you are a European startup or SME working on digital health solutions, you probably dare to boost it and enter the market, to present it to potential customers, to gain a business meeting demonstrating how your solution specifically meets the challenge.

Here two new opportunities not to be missed, free of charge, offered by professionals and experts at eHealth HUB.


LEO Innovation Lab Solution Match
Apply by January 19th

LEO Innovation Lab is partnering with eHealth Hub to source clinically validated images of skin conditions. As part of LEO Innovation Lab roadmap, LEO is looking for large numbers of clinically validate images of skin conditions. The pictures must be tagged with a diagnosis and if possible with anonymized patient information. Such images will allow LEO to do research on the application of imaging technologies to support diagnosis, predictive and tracking solutions applied to skin diseases. LEO Innovation is open to work on different types of business models with the matching candidates.  [read more and apply]


Lean Startup Academy Spain
Apply by January 31st

The Lean Startup Academy is a unique opportunity to validate your business model and start increasing your commercial traction. By testing your hypothesis against the market, you will identify your prioritary customers, the right value proposition for them and the best channel to reach them. Starting March 2018 in Madrid, the Lean Startup Academy Spain will support 10 European eHealth startups to improve their business model through an intensive validation programme led by experienced trainers. Training will be delivered via a first face-to-face training and weekly on-line sessions. [read more and apply]

december, 2020

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