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April 3rd in Murcia (Spain). SMEs confirmed to participate in the live event in Murcia will have an opportunity to present and discuss their solution in a private setting.

Hospital Bernal is sourcing remote monitoring solution

Hospital Bernal, a private general hospital located in the Region of Murcia (Spain),is looking for a digital health solution to remotely monitor low-complexity chronic patients from their homes.

The solution will be offered as a joint service with the hospital and purchased by patients and/or their families. The IT company and the hospital would share financial risks and benefits.


Summary of Hospital Bernal’s requirements:

“Must-Have” features:

  • Solution must monitor Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and diabetes.
  • Solution must be able to collect and share patients’ vitals and health data with hospital staff remotely.
  • Solution must be end-to-end, providing all the necessary hardware/software for both patient and hospital sides.
  • Solution interface must be available in Spanish.
  • Patients and their families must be included in the communication and information exchange loop.
  • Solution must be deployed as a pay-per-user model.

“Nice-To-Have” features:

  • Solution monitors other conditions.
  • Solution promotes healthy habits.
  • Solution includes Intelligent software that optimizes monitoring.
  • Solution features multiple communication channels between patients, families and hospital staff.
  • The solution is cost-effective with low entry barriers.

Step by Step Process 

  • Step 1. European digital health SMEs with relevant solutions are invited to submit an application before February 16th.
  • Step 2.  eHealth Hub and Hospital Bernal will review the submissions and invite 5 of the top matches to present their solutions at a live event in Murcia.
  • Step 3. SMEs confirmed to participate in the live event in Murcia will have an opportunity to present and discuss their solution in a private setting with Hospital Bernal representatives as well as representatives from Hospital Virgen de la Caridad and Hospital Mesa del Castillo. A press release will be issued after the event.
  • Step 4. The most relevant solution(s) will be contacted by Hospital Bernal to enter into  negotiations. eHealth Hub will support and facilitate follow-ups.
  • Step 5. eHealth Hub will produce and publish a report on European telemonitoring solutions and make it available to a wider audience of health care organizations and stakeholders.


  • Candidates invited to Hospital Bernal for the live event will need to cover their own travel and accommodation.
  • Hospital Bernal has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), committing to enter in serious discussions with one or several candidates.
  • At least two other hospitals from the Murcia region have expressed interest in taking part in a joint procurement process with Hospital Bernal, and will be present at the live event. More health care organizations may join.
  • Non-confidential information about your solution will be included in a public report, increasing your visibility with a wider audience of potential customers.

A very complete description about Hospital Bernal need and the requirements for the solution they are looking for, as well as the application form to submit your solution, are available at this document.

Make sure you read all documents carefully and submit your solution before February 16th


Application deadline: February 16th

Announcement of pre-selected SMEs invited to present Solution Match Live event: March 2nd. (Here the selected 12 eHealth SMEs)

Solution Match Live event at Hospital Bernal in Murcia (Spain): April 3rd

If you have any question, please contact [email protected]