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10 companies have been selected to take part into the brand new Lean Startup Academy organized by eHealth Hub within ICEEfest 2017 in Bucharest.


3 companies are coming from Romania, 2 from Spain, 1 from Lithuania, 1 from Italy, 1 from Greece, 1 from Germany and 1 from The Netherlands. The international profile of participants demonstrates the rising interest into the eHealth sector throughout Europe, and that eHealth Hub already successfully positioned itself as one of the leading player in the European eHealth environment.

The two days of intensive training will start on Thursday 15th morning, and will end on the Friday 16th evening.

The training will be lead by META Group, and it will consist in a deep dive into the Lean Startup methodology, with a huge focus on customer development and customer validation.

Helding the training during a huge festival as ICEEfest, will give participants the opportunity to run interviews to different stakeholders in the eHealth sector.

The final goal is to help participants validating their current assumptions (business model, potential customers, unique value proposition) to reduce risks related to the commercialization of their innovative solutions.



Ion-Gheorghe Petrovai
Platform for Psychotherapist -Client secure and technologically updated communication



Carla Zaldua
Speech-based platform for accurately detecting cognitive conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Translate into digital and online material, high quality methodologies to slow down dementia.


EatHealthy KOINSEP

Alexandros Itsios
Although behavioral-based weight management programs HAVE PROVEN to be the most effective, they are expensive and often inaccessible. HealthyClub is a smart diet and health advisor that personalizes your diet according to what you like to eat and creates any type of diet that you want for FREE (balanced, low glycemic index etc).


Your Years B.V.

Petra Hoogendoorn
Smartphone app Goings-On enables physicians to monitor functioning and personalize patient communication and healthcare decisions. Cancer patients and family caregivers track their daily life goal attainment (e.g. work, family life, leisure) and weekly symptom burden. Uniqueness: one minute a day simple recording of what matters; level of personalization with own goals, symptoms and photos; expected outcomes in quality of life, lifetime, caregiver burnout, cost efficiency and job satisfaction



Francesc Alabert
Innovating on integrated eHealth solutions, our product is a new generation Health IT platform, highly specialized Hospital framework linking clinical & non-clinical information among IT solutions and medical devices for a better healthcare attention and device management maintenance. It is intended to simplify connectivity and requirements to share needed information, providing an information level for health providers currently unavailable for management on an integrated form.



Raluca Badea
Tremdix is a team of 4 engineers and one doctor specialized in neurology. The proposal is to develop medical devices, capable of monitoring motor symptoms in patients with Parkinson’s disease, which can fill an important gap in the niche market required by this group of patients. We are currently working on a device which could monitor the daily motor activity and the intensity of abnormal movements of patients with Parkinson’s disease.



Cristian Currò
TOMMI is a virtual reality experience designed to support the emotional well being of hospitalized children with cancer during the therapy, based on a collaborative gameplay that involves both patients and their caregivers and focused on their emotional needs. It is also developed to offer medical specialists a digital tool to collect useful medical data from patient’s gaming sessions that can be used to monitor and improve the therapy.


Apoly GmbH

Luca Christel
Digitize the German pharmacy market by building a partner network with traditional, local pharmacies generating new customer leads for them and retaining existing customers. Providing Apoly‘s users a unique way to buy medication online with a same-day delivery service attached and extended “smart” services due to technology. Users can (pre-) order prescription drugs directly from the doctor’s office by 3 simple steps and avoid frustrating waiting time for non-available products.


ART Dynasty SRL

Sveatoslav Vizitiu
The application is based on AI that helps people get a proper nutrition, hidration, get exercised and have a correct sleep.The app auto-plans the nutrition and hidration of the user based on his lifestyle and his daily exercise,information that is received from the fit braces or smartwatches.The artificial intelligence part of the application will be trained by proffesional nutritionists and doctors that will permit a very exact planning for each user based age,gender,location,exercise,etc.



Lela Sturua
Healthcare Quality Virtual Manager (HQVM) Online Communication Platform for healthcare professionals. Currently healthcare quality resources are scattered over dozens of sources, one e-hub guided by a HQVM is a solution offered to healthcare providers aiming for care quality improvement while demonstrating stably good outcomes and keep financial efficiency. HQVM is e- service in quality improvement journey. It specifically addresses internationally recognized standards of patient centricity.

december, 2020

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