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By Jorge González, eHealth Hub coordinator


The European digital health landscape missed an environment where hospitals and corporates can share their unmet needs with SMEs in a way geared to get traction. Helping SMEs to meet, share and cooperate with corporates and hospitals is one of eHealth Hub’s main challenges.

Our colleague Aline Noizet [Èdito] discusses how eHealth Hub is solving this challenge through the Solution Match service in this article - “Procurement of eHealth Solutions: where does the demand meet the offer?”

A good example of how eHealth Hub bridges between SMEs and corporates is AXA. This insurance company is fully committed to adopt innovation and new technologies to reach its main goal: ‘Keeping customers as healthy as possible for as long as possible’. AXA is already collaborating with more than 20 start-ups to support the launch of smoking cessation and nutrition solutions.

Begoña San José, Global Head of Health Partnerships & Business Development, talks about innovation in AXA and her eHealth learnings in this opinion piece “New markets for eHealth solutions: insights from the insurance sector”.

Let’s now go the other way around. You’re an SME and you have the opportunity to pitch in front of a potential client - like a hospital or a big corporate. Would you be able to pitch impactfully? In eHealth Hub we put startups and SMEs into the test with eHealth Roadshow service.

eHealth Roadshow is a commercial opportunity to showcase your solution in front of potential customers. Check out some pitching pitfalls entrepreneurs make (and try to avoid them) in “Startups pitching beyond the hype: use it to enter the eHealth market”, by Mercedes Dragovitz and Hicham Abghay [Steinbeis], eHealth Roadshow service leaders.


EU Horizon 2020 for Digital Health: Don’t miss out!


“Ever considered the European SME Instrument and Fast Track to Innovation?”. This shows how clearly is for us the huge opportunity that Horizon 2020 could represent for you. On the article written by Antonio Carbone [APRE], Horizon 2020 Italian National Contact Point, you would find useful information and links about how EU is working to strengthen breakthrough innovations and boost the number of high-growth companies.

We also recommend you to have a look to “Get funded under Horizon 2020: eHealth SMEs and the new Work Programme” written by Caterina Buonocore [APRE], Horizon 2020 Italian National Contact Point. The previous 2016-2017 Work Programme mainly consisted of translational and clinical research calls, but with the 2018-2020 “Better Health and Care” topics seem to be open to more early stage research and development of novel technologies.


Horizon 2020: Improving access by innovative SMEs to alternative forms of finance.



september, 2023

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