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17 events in 9 European Countries, an eHealth platform online, 2 networks for Legal and Regulatory Guidance setup with a total of 90 experts recruited, a total of over 300 early-stage startups and SMEs supported. These are the key 2017 numbers from eHealth HUB, the European initiative providing free support to eHealth businesses, under Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. What about 2018?

Our first year of life was definitely great, but for the new year to come we want to do even better with a view to address key challenges European SMEs face when trying to access the eHealth market”. Jorge González, eHealth HUB Coordinator, makes a point while already looking forward for the 2018 activities.

With 7 free services designed for startups, SMES, healthcare providers and stakeholders and an intensive planning of activities under 4 areas - business modelling; commercialization; access to private finance, legal and regulatory guidance – the first eHealth HUB year resulted in several partnerships with major eHealth Conferences all around Europe, registering high level of satisfaction on participants side (satisfaction average up to 80%)-.

Health 2.0 Europe in Barcelona, Medtech in Stuttgart, ICEE Festival in Bucharest, eHealth Forum in Athens, Health Pioneer in Amsterdam, eHealth Summer University in Castres, WHINN in Odense, Frontiers of Health in Berlin, Medcity in London are just some of the major events where eHealth HUB services were delivered during 2017.

In addition, major healthcare providers and corporates, such as Hospital Bernal in Murcia and AXA in Paris were partnering with eHealth HUB for sourcing specific eHealth solutions: from remote monitoring chronic patients to smoking cessation and better nutrition solutions.

High quality participants and networking opportunity” seems to be the major asset of eHealth HUB initiatives according to surveyed participants – including SMEs, early stage startups as well as VCs, investors and healthcare providers - at the 17 events organized so far throughout Europe.

Last but least, the eHealth Platform has been recently opened online as a map that provides clear information and encourages interaction among the actors in the sector. If you play a role in the digital health ecosystem, let’s register!

News for 2018: early in the year first eHealth, HUB Multiplicator Reports are to be released as smart guides for eHealth specific stakeholders’ groups to successfully access the European market. Those reports will be focused on the digital health solutions to monitor chronic patients as well as recommendations on how to prepare a commercialization pitch.

Also, new eHealth HUB initiatives are already in agenda, namely: Lean Startup Academy Spain, an opportunity to validate business model and start increasing commercial traction (deadline for applying:  31 January); LEO Innovation Lab Solution Match which is sourcing clinically validated images of skin conditions (deadline for applying: 19 January).

december, 2020

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