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In eHealth Hub we know that interaction and cooperation are very important in business, but not always easy. Then, how could we really support SMEs that need funding? What kind of tools would be useful for investors to find clear information about SMEs?

The result is eHealth Hub Platform, that will be officially presented at EC2VC / Health 2.0 Europe in Barcelona, on May 3rd.

What are the benefits? The Platform will initially support eHealth SMEs to easily identify relevant investors per geography or investment stage. As an added value, it will support investors (eg. Business Angels and Venture Capital funds) to identify suitable co-investors based on their track record.

How does it work? This platform is an online tool featuring different types of actors: SMEs, investors, healthcare organizations, legal and regulatory service providers, etc. These actors will be able to register to the platform and provide relevant information about what they offer or what they are looking for. Then, they will easily search and filter according to their preferences. For example, investors can be segmented by their investment stage preferences, location or other relevant criteria.

Though there are already several online platforms that support private investments, we offer specialization in the entire digital health network. It’s meant to be the most complete map of European digital health, providing clear information and encouraging interaction among the actors in the eHealth sector.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION AT HEALTH 2.0. WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK! On May 3rd, Jorge González, eHealth Hub coordinator, will be presenting the Platform for the first time within the EC2VC event in Barcelona. This platform is an ongoing project that will grow from the hands of professionals. Your opinions and experiences are our bedrock.

december, 2020

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