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Chiara Buongiovanni, Communication team eHealth Hub






Some insights (plus an invitation) from Chiara Buongiovanni and the eHealth  HUB Communication Team


Having been working in the Comms Team of eHealth HUB for two years provided us with great insights on the need for investing in community building, even in the framework of European Research and Innovation funded projects.

From our perspective, Communication has to be interpreted as a powerful booster to enable different stakeholders in the ecosystem to meet and get to know each other, in terms of their constituency, values, solutions to be offered and needs to be answered. Quite often, in fact,  we have seen different players in the European single market working on the same need from their own peculiar perspective and we saw there both a risk for replication as well as a risk for a stronger bubble -filter effect.  Even the “language”, often resulting into a real “jargon,  can indeed work as a barrier.

Connecting different actors, from startups and SMEs to policymaker, from pharma to healthcare providers all over Europe has been resulting for us in a stimulating, fruitful challenge. In our eHealth HUB Communication strategy, identifying  the common ground and the shared value, even though taking into account the differences, resulted to be key for better supporting our eHealth HUB services deployment.

In doing so, we have been counting on the mutual support from  our growing  eHealth HUBBers network  and we now look forward for the 2019 new eHealth HUBBERs coming on board.

As we love to say, at eHealth HUB, we believe that health organizations, public administrations,  companies, professionals and patients all form a huge ecosystem: we cannot ‘grow’ without each other.

Therefore,  if you want to work together with a view to boosting eHealth in Europe, join our eHealth HUBBERs network. Write us at [email protected] (ref: Chiara Buongiovanni) and get our brief guidelines for partnership.

Ps: if not doing so, follow us on Twitter and Linkedin and be in touch.


Thank you from the entire eHealth HUB Comms team !

may, 2022

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