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From 25 May 2018, the GDPR binds all Member States in the EU to the same rules. This is new and has a huge impact on every organization, and will affect you.

ARE YOU READY? If not or if you still have any doubts on “how to be compliant”, do not panic we designed for you the eHealth HUB Legal Maps: browse and download them for free.

eHealth HUB Legal Maps will help you understand the impact of the GDPR.  Being aware of relevant laws, understanding if they are applicable to your business and where to seek legal advice, is the crucial first step to compliance. By achieving compliance, you will be able to avoid penalties and high fines.
In addition to that, you will be able to increase credibility in your product and or service, and to increase the opportunity to work with professional health institutions or companies, which usually impose high data protection standards on themselves and their partners.

eHealth HUB legal maps focus on the key issues raised by SMEs during several eHealth HUB legal workshops held across Europe, namely: sensitive data; consent; data housing; storage and anonymization  pseudonymization.

Who’s this eHealth HUB Guide for? eHealth companies, SMEs and startups in Europe.

 Legal Maps “GDPR and your eHealth SME” is one of the eHealth HUB Smart Guides: a series of brief online publications made available to provide insights and tips to eHealth stakeholders who want to exploit opportunities in the European market.

june, 2022

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