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We have learned a lot from our legal advisors providing legal guidance to SMEs, in our eHealth Hub network over these first two years of project life. The main issue we identified is practical implementation of regulationHow do you do that?

SMEs, legal advisors and other organizations struggle with the practical implementation of the GDPR rules. GDPR came into force 25 May 2018 and national Privacy Authorities in Europe have started to check if organizations are compliant to this legislation. The first compliance checks start with asking organizations to send their Privacy Register (art. 30 GDPR) to the authority. If the certain organization cannot (sufficiently) deliver on this request, this is a red flag for the Authority and it can lead to further investigations.

Because there is not a clear standard on how a Privacy Register has to be drafted, many solutions have been created. We have created an open standard freely available for everyone. We especially invite Legal Nodes, SMEs and Privacy Officers to use this open standard and contribute to the further development. As a kickoff, at eHealth HUB we will organize a webinar explaining how to use the Privacy Register.

Have a sneak preview www.privacyregister.eu and register here if you want to have access to the webinar. Privacy Register is a simple privacy management system built on the idea that GDPR privacy registers should be standardized and open.

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december, 2023

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