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A new eHealth HUB Smart Guide is now online, freely accessible and ready to be downloaded. The aim here is to support SMEs to prepare and deliver their pitch when engaging with healthcare executives and other stakeholders at commercial events.

The commercialization of any eHealth solution is a complex task, especially when the solution is professional facing. This report has been written from the insights gained after four editions of the eHealth Roadshow, where over 40 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have presented their digital health solutions to demand side stakeholders from across Europe, including investors, big IT companies and hospitals, among others.

The knowledge is therefore real and we hope that all the readers find useful advice on it.



Who’s this eHealth HUB Guide for?

  • European SMEs in the digital health space that aim to commercialize their solution and seek advice on which topics should be addressed;
  • Startups from any sector aiming to access new markets.


The eHealth Roadshow has still more editions to come. Register to eHealth HUB MAG and stay tuned!


 “How to effectively Pitch to commercialize your eHealth solution” is one of the eHealth HUB Smart Guides: a series of brief online publications made available to provide insights and tips to eHealth stakeholders who want to exploit opportunities in the European market.