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A new eHealth HUB Smart Guide now on line, featuring neonatal care digital solutions, collected through the eHealth HUB – Chiesi Solution Match. 

Back in April, at Chiesi pharma they were looking for SME partners and solutions to improve and innovate premature environment for better life and development. Collaborating with them, eHealth HUB organized a Solution Match service, with a view to meeting their specific needs. A public call for applications was launched and nineteen answers received

The newly released “Neonatal Care Solutions - eHealth HUB Solution Match Report” displays the results of the Chiesi Solution Match Call for applications, presenting synthetically all the companies that applied and their main features. You can freely read, download and share it.



Who’s this Report for? 

  • SME’s looking at implementing one or more neonatal care solution(s)
  • Companies specifically interested in a neonatal care solution.

july, 2022

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