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After two years of activities of the eHealth Hub project, including six editions of the Lean Startup Academy that involved +50 eHealth entrepreneurs from all over Europe, we have designed this guide.
The “Business Model Design for successful Digital Health Startups in Europe” eHealth HUB Smart Guide is specifically crafted for early-stage startups, and addressing the key issues that they face when dealing with their business model.

This guide has four sections:

1. Digital Health in Europe
2. Using the “Lean Startup” approach to boost successful business models
3. Successful eHealth business models in Europe
4. How to assess digital health business models

“All new businesses have to deal with the challenge of designing a sustainable business model. This is especially true for businesses within the digital health sector with innovative products, because they often disrupt parts of the industry value chain.

The development of technological tools has opened the way for many innovations in the e-health sector. These products and services allow, for example, doctors to remotely monitor their patients and help empower dependent persons. Yet the companies that develop and market these solutions find it very difficult to establish viable and sustainable business models.

We hope you find this information useful!

Jorge González, eHealth Hub coordinator and eHealth Hub team

june, 2023

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