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After six editions of the eHealth Hub’s investment readiness training and pitch events, involving +60 entrepreneurs from all over Europe, we decided to condensate in this guide all the know-how we got that could be useful for SMEs and startups who want to engage in raising funds from investors to launch and scale their business.

This guide has six sections:

1. Digital health investment trends in Europe
2. Steps for raising capital
3. What we learned so far from investors
4. Find (and be found by) investors in the digital health sector
5. Three things to remember if you want to raise money
6. Need for more support?

“Raising equity funding for startups is a long and often difficult process. One of the major challenges is that raising a round often takes more time than founders expected. And as time passes by, many startups are under the stress of potentially, or actually, running out of money.

Digital Health is a tough sector to introduce new solutions, largely due to the inherent disconnection between what payers, providers and patients are seeking. Because of this, it’s important that startups who are looking for funding to fuel their growth are aware of what each stakeholder wants, and how each may benefit from the solution. Nonetheless, startup financing does not always have to be that complex. Before you begin to move down the road, it is crucial to know where you are going and what you are getting into. And this guide helps you with just that.

We hope you find this information useful!”

Jorge González, eHealth Hub coordinator and eHealth Hub team

september, 2023

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