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Last Health 2.0 Paris Chapter dedicated to “Innovative approaches to promote patient engagement” took place on March 28th at the Incubator Boucicaut, hosting more than 60 companies.

This meetup was the opportunity to populate and discuss e-Health Services with 40 startups to boost their competitiveness and growth.

Considerable enthusiasm was expressed to the four categories of services funded by EU and offered for free to digital health startups and stakeholders: business modeling, access to private finance, commercializtion, legal and regulatory.

eHealth Hub survey showed that 82% of SMEs are pre-revenues or under 100k euros in revenues. 83% of them also actively looking for funding.

The interest for e-Health Hub is there and the contacts established during this Health 2.0 Paris chapter look very promising.


About Health 2.0 Paris Session 


Digital health innovations can only impact health systems if patients and stakeholders become and stay engaged. And this is not a “one size fits all”: different types of patients will respond differently to various engagement strategies. From gamification to chatbot conversations, this Health 2.0 Paris Chapter 13 showcased innovative solutions and explored targeted approaches to promoting patient engagement. Mojobots, Doctoconsult and Tilak Healthcare presented their solutions.

eHealth HUB team looks forwad to meeting you all at Health 2.0 Europe, 28 – 29 May in Sitges