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February 1st, 2019

eHealth HUB

Through Solution Match, eHealth Hub provides an efficient method and a platform for healthcare providers to scout and connect with European eHealth innovators. eHealth Hub implemented a Solution Match service in collaboration with DOMPÉ who was looking for solutions in the field of nutrition and well-being.

On February 1st 2019, Dompé Pharma executive management and partner eHealth Hub invited 5 start-ups to discuss innovative health solutions to help people adopt healthier eating habits and live better lives. The meeting took place at Dompé headquarters in Milan.

Nutrition is the ultimate area where the 4P medicine (personalized, preventive, predictive and participatory) can transform healthcare and society.

Committed to promoting a healthy culture of wellness, Dompé Pharma wants to empower people to adopt healthier nutrition habits by supporting the development and adoption of innovative solutions. Dompe is looking to partner with entrepreneurs and start-ups proposing an alternative to traditional nutrition approaches (consumption of food substitutes) and offering solutions to monitor people lifestyles and engage them in long-term behavior change.

With the SIDE BY SIDE FOR INNOVATION program and competition, Dompé Pharma offers knowledge, assets and financial support to boost the co-creation process.

The solutions presented during this ‘Solution Match Event’ covered different needs and proposed complementary approaches from plant biotechnologies to artificial intelligence platforms providing personalized nutrition plans. Possible collaboration models between the start-ups and Dompé Pharma were also discussed during the event.

The start-ups invited:

  • GRG Gene Technology: a biotech company founded by a team of researchers in the field of plant genetics and biotechnologies characterized by strong innovation and expertise.
  • Kuartismed: a biomedical company developing products for the well-being of preterm infants.
  • Medopad: a healthcare technology company producing applications that integrate health data from existing hospital databases as well as patient wearables and other mobile devices and securely transmits it for use by doctors
  • WeCook: High Personnalized e-Meal Planner that can be used for wellness, prevention, pathology management, fully customisable for different needs and objectives
  • Wello: focusing on overweight kids with a solution that can change the way families understand and relate to their health by family tracking and personalized plans.

About DOMPE Pharma

Dompé is an Italian bio-pharmaceutical company that focuses on innovation, where a long tradition in the field of personal wellness goes hand in hand with a commitment to research and development to meet hitherto unsatisfied therapeutic needs. The company is always looking for project partners sharing its vision for an ecosystem that leverages new ideas and collaborations to develop the therapeutic solutions of the future.

Photo 1: Marco Mazzola knowledge Transfer Senior Specialist, Dompé Pharma

About eHealth Hub

eHealth Hub is a EU-funded initiative that is cross-border and exclusively focused on the digital health vertical. It provides long-term support to the ecosystem stakeholders and address key challenges facing European SMEs in this space: fine-tuning a business model, securing investments, engaging the demand-side and accelerating commercialization, getting legal and regulatory guidance to develop solutions in compliance with a multi-layer complex framework.

Photo 2: eHealth HUB presentation during Solution Match Event in Milan

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