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JORGE GONZÁLEZ, TICBioMed – eHealth HUB Platform Service Leader





How many startups approach the wrong investors? I have heard many investors complaining about things like these. No matter if the solutions are good or not if not matching their investment criteria. For this type of problems, we created the eHealth Hub platform. Then, we found out that investors do not want to publish their contact details, but still they are very keen on having a tool to quickly scan what’s going on. And they really appreciate it to be eHealth specific, as some tools already exist for broader scopes such as Life Sciences, but the content about this market is not rich.

Another insight we gained over two years of work in eHealth HUB, is that the platform is appealing to other organizations giving support in the ecosystem (accelerators, associations, etc.), so we are trying to make alliances with them to avoid re-inventing the wheel and increase impact.

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december, 2023

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